BANDALOOP’s newest indoor “Strings” is a collaboration with London composer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev.  Commissioned by The University of Washington’s Meany Center for the Performing Arts, BANDALOOP Artistic Director Amelia Rudolph has created her most provocative and complex indoor work to date, utilizing the talents of a team of her closest vertical dance collaborators on the work’s creation. The rope becomes a character within the piece, an emotional manifestation that seeks to represent the ways people anchor to, connect with, effect, restrain and release one another. Poignant and timely, “Strings” examines human connections within the current global political landscape of deep divides, exploring the human condition and the innate sensibilities we all share.

Artistic Direction and Choreography by
Amelia Rudolph

Associate Artistic Director
Melecio Estrella

Second Associate Artistic Director
Rachael Lincoln

Music Composed by
Gabriel Prokofiev

Lighting by
Jim French

Costume Design by
Jessica McKee

Choreography in collaboration with the dancers
Virginia Broyles
Becca Dean
Melecio Estrella
Rachael Lincoln
Courtney Moreno
Jessica McKee
Danny Nguyen
Roel Seeber
Jessica Swanson

Executive Producer
Thomas Cavanagh